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Micro Powders

5N Plus Micro Powders

5N Plus has invested significantly to develop a high-performance atomizing technology for the manufacture of fine metallic powders. Part of this investment was to establish a production facility at our Montreal, Canada headquarters.

5N Plus Micro Powders’ unique technology enables the preparation of spherical powders with low oxygen content and uniform size distributions. The process’s flexibility enables us to customize powders, helping you meet your current and next-generation product and business needs and turning challenges into opportunities. 

What makes 5N Plus Micro Powders different?

Assured feed materials

As a major global refiner of minor metals, 5N Plus offers long-term security of feed materials. 
What’s more, our metals stream respects the Conflict-Free Minerals Initiative, and therefore supports your social responsibility.



Our proprietary process enables us to produce powders in an inert atmosphere, adjusting parameters to optimize yields for the desired screen size. These metallic powders offer purity levels up to 5N (99.999%).

Particle size control

Efficient screening ensures that we consistently meet IPC– STD specifications. We can also customize size distributions to your specifications.

Long shelf life

Building on our experience in packaging ultrapure metals (6N and 7N purity), we can package our powders in an inert atmosphere, ensuring low oxygen levels and a long shelf life. 

Applications and Markets

Solder powder

As “faster, smaller, lighter” continues to drive the miniaturization of the electronics industry, our powders are primed to help you meet current and future demands. 5N Plus Micro Powders processes are specifically designed to operate efficiently and with high yields, providing the solder paste market with Type 4 to Type 8 powders.

Low melting point alloys

5N Plus is a global market leader in the production of low melting point alloys. This now enables us to offer the Pb-free alloys listed below as ultrafine powders.

Please contact us if you need an alloy not mentioned above, or would like to develop custom alloy compositions and particle size distributions. 

Solar energy

5N Plus has served the thin-film solar industry for years, supplying high-purity metals and alloys for CdTe and CIGS photovoltaic panels. In addition to the CdTe, CdS and ZnTe powders our parent company produces, 5N Plus Micro Powders produces proprietary CuGa, CuIn, and CuInGa powders for the CIGS platform.


5N Plus Micro Powders produces several Ag-based alloys for this market, as customers develop new applications to leverage the finer particles size and custom alloying services we offer. We have the capability of producing powders with melting points up to 1200 °C.

Additive manufacturing (3D printing)

5N Plus Micro Powders is targeting this emerging market by expanding its capabilities with high-temperature melting and atomizing processes.

Material characterization

Our powder production site is integrated with our Montreal manufacturing facility, where some of our high-purity metals and compounds are refined and purified up to 99.99999% (7N). This means we have excellent in-house analytical services equipped with state-of-the-art instruments dedicated to material characterization. In addition, we collaborate with leading Montreal universities to enhance our R&D and product development. 

Analytical capabilities include:

  • Elemental analysis: ICP OES, ICP MS 
  • Particle size distribution and sphericity: Laser Diffraction 
  • Melting points and heating profiles: DSC 
  • Oxygen, carbon, sulfur analysis: IGA – Inert Gas Analysis 
  • Morphology:  SEM with XRD


Please contact us if you need an alloy not mentioned on this page, or would like to develop custom alloy compositions and particle size distributions.
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The coverage on human rights violations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and environmental issues resulting from the mining of minerals, including tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), tin (Sn), and gold (Au) has caused wide public concern.

At 5N Plus, not only do we comply with all national and other applicable laws and regulations, we also actively promote initiatives for managing resources responsibly and remain the environmental leader within our industry by minimizing the impact of our operations and products on the environment. Regarding responsible sourcing of raw materials used to produce our specialty metal and chemical products, we do not believe they originate from the DRC and its adjoining countries, based on currently available information.

Do not hesitate to contact our Environmental Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHS&S) department should you require additional information. 

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