Why Work at 5N Plus?

At 5N Plus, our mission is to be critical to our customers, valued by our employees and trusted by our shareholders. Find out more about how this translates in our day-to-day actions and corporate culture.


A Preferred Employer, Driving Innovation

Success starts with the right talent and we are fortunate to have some of the best resources in our industry to generate innovative ideas for our customers. This, combined with a high level of employee engagement, enables us to efficiently deliver high quality products to our clients and prepare for future business opportunities.

Respect in Meeting Employee Needs

We respect the cultural, historical and regional differences at all our global locations and we ask our people what they want and need through employee surveys, focus groups and informal meetings. We ask what we are doing well to do more of it and what we can do better and act on that feedback.

Career Development

To ensure we have the talented resources we need to realise our vision, we provide stimulating career opportunities, training, continuous learning through projects and assignments to our people to develop and prepare for their next challenge.

Our Values

As a global leader in specialty semiconductors and performance materials, our mission is to earn the privilege of being chosen by our customers and employees and earn the trust of our shareholders in our quest for innovation for the betterment of humanity.

Our growth is closely linked to our corporate values, which are at the very heart of our daily activities and constitute the essence of our corporate culture.


Transforming our vision into reality is possible only through the commitment and effort of our employees. We therefore aim to develop a stimulating work environment that values teamwork and excellence.

Continuous Improvement

We promote excellence in everything we do, with the ultimate goal of being recognized as the industry leader. We therefore continually seek to improve our skills, along with the quality of our products and services.

Customer Focus

Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by delivering outstanding services and products shaped by the customer’s needs. To achieve this, we have the confidence and resourcefulness to propose solutions that establish lasting relationships of trust.

Health and Safety

Employee health and safety guides all our operations. We act responsibly to minimize risks and promote prevention, with the goal of continually improving our health and safety performance.


We adhere to the highest standards of integrity, which means keeping our word, complying with the letter and spirit of the law, and treating every person with whom we do business with respect and dignity.

Sustainable Development

We encourage individual and corporate initiatives that help to protect the environment. This includes promoting — both internally and with clients and suppliers — the recycling of products and industrial waste, and setting objectives that reduce our environmental footprint. 

Job Groups

Explore the job groups below to discover if you share our aspirations and see where your skills will fit with our team.

Science and Engineering


If you have a degree in chemistry, metallurgy or another field of science or engineering, you will thrive at 5N Plus. We deploy a range of proprietary and proven technologies to develop and manufacture our unique products. These products enable applications in several key industries, including renewable energy, security, space, pharmaceutical, medical imaging and industrial and additive manufacturing. With roles starting at a technician level to scientist positions within our R&D functions and process management, you will be challenged to develop unique solutions for clients operating in some of the world’s most exciting and critical growth industries.



Our operations group offer a wide range of job opportunities from pure operations to leadership positions and technical support roles. This job family includes Operators, Team Leaders, Supervisors and Managers, Process Engineers and Scientists, Maintenance Technicians and Plant Engineers, as well as positions in inventory and material handling.



All our facilities are involved in commercial activities ranging from Sourcing to Customer Support. This job family includes experts in sourcing complex, technical materials, as well as business development, sales and customer service. These positions generally require technical and commercial expertise in engineered materials for critical industries (see our the sections on our website on Markets and products and Technology and innovation).

Finance and Administration


This job family includes positions both at our corporate head office and various sites around the world. If you have a degree and experience in accounting, finance or related field, 5N Plus offers a full career path starting at technician at site level all the way up to complex international roles and responsibilities at our Montreal head office.

Information Technology


Working together as a global company requires detailed and extensive technology to support smooth and stable operations. Whether working at the site or global level, we have positions to challenge your thinking and grow your IT career.

Human Resources


Each site is supported by positions held by knowledgeable professionals in Human Resources to ensure we are compliant with labour laws, competitive with compensation packages and that we treat employees with respect and dignity.

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