Sustainable Development

Enabling a Sustainable Future

At 5N Plus, we have had a history of sustainable growth since being founded in 2000, with strategic decisions to extend our position in the circular economy, enable innovative technology and be a critical supplier to sectors essential to a sustainable future.

Leading the Sustainable Economy

From our inception, we have applied a sustainability lens to all our business operations and developed robust sustainable supply chains.

We are always researching and investing in new and innovative ways of sourcing our raw materials. Our mineral recycling program spans three continents and are an early adopter of sustainable procurement programs. In addition, we focus on ensuring waste products stay out of landfills and waste streams, proudly ensuring thoughtful and circular supply chains.

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Enabling Critical Industries and New Technology

Solar energy is one of the most important components required for transitioning the world to a decarbonized green economy.

At 5N Plus, we are proud to be a leading supplier of semiconductor materials for the manufacturing of thin-film solar power generating technologies. There are already gigawatts of solar panels using our materials installed worldwide.

We also have many initiatives ongoing to reduce resource usage and improve our communities within our own operations. In addition, we develop next-generation materials to be used for increasing energy efficiency (wide bandgap materials) and radiofrequency optoelectronic and electronic applications.

New technological developments are critical to ensure we are prepared for future global challenges. In support of pharmaceuticals and other medical technology developments, we provide materials needed for new medical imaging devices, thereby reducing x-ray exposure, as well as investing in novel class pharmaceuticals. We will continue to contribute to these solutions by responding to new challenges with leading-edge technology.

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Community Responsibility

We know the importance of online connection and communication and are committed to remaining a trusted and dependable partner as a supplier of technology enablers.

From providing safe and equitable work environments to support the health and well-being of our employees to actively engaging in the communities in which we operate, we know that people are the building block to our success.

Being a valued pillar in our community is critical to remaining a trusted supplier to our customers. Giving back and contributing to the communities where we work is critical to building our vision of integrated resilience to climate change, threats to human rights and economic inequalities. We are committed to maintaining our reputation as a great place to work, a trusted supplier and valued member of the community.

Doing the right thing has always been the foundation of our business model and employee culture. We are proud of our products and how we work, and we always look for opportunities to push ourselves to do more.


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2023 Sustainability Highlights


reduction in work-related incidents since 2019


EHS training hours, or 12% increase over 2022


reduction in process water consumption since 2019


disclosure of Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions


female representation among corporate office globally


female representation maintained on Board of Directors

Driving Technology and Innovation

We create critical materials that enable a wide variety of technologies and products essential to people’s daily lives. Our world-class R&D and manufacturing capabilities as well as our technical expertise and proprietary processes enable us to transform metals into value-added specialty materials that form the core of our customers’ products.

Strong Corporate Governance

5N Plus’ Board of Directors, supported by its committees and officers, believes that strict standards of ethics are indispensable to the success of our company and add value for our shareholders. 5N Plus encourages all directors, officers and employees to conduct themselves in accordance with the Company’s values, which are based on open communication, honesty and accountability.