Technology and Innovation

Research and Development

5N Plus has strong R&D capabilities with a world-class technical team strategically located around the globe and close to suppliers and customers. We have R&D operations in Canada, the United States and Germany. 
Our specialist R&D teams are subject-matter experts with decades of experience who work with our customers, often sector-leaders themselves, in joint R&D partnerships for product advancement.
We are constantly enhancing our processes, developing new products or accelerating their path to market to address the needs of our customers and their end markets.

Proprietary Technology and Processes

5N Plus is an integrated manufacturer of advanced materials utilizing unique and proprietary process technologies. 

We leverage our strong technological platform and skillset to gain a first-to-market advantage and to make continuous improvements. Our technical expertise and proprietary processes enable us to transform metals into value-added specialty materials that form the core of our customers’ products.

To show our customers that 5N Plus is dedicated to being their reliable source for high-purity metals, we hold several certifications for various aspects of our business. Notably, our operations are all ISO 9001 for Quality Management to demonstrate that we stand behind our products and their high quality, while our health and pharmaceuticals operations are US FDA and GMP certified.

Closed-Loop Business Model

5N Plus takes an integrated, lifecycle approach to materials management and recycling. We have deep expertise and unique technologies for the recovery, treatment and valuation of degraded resources.

We procure degraded resources containing low grades of critical metals from upstream suppliers. We then extract the critical metals to develop and manufacture enabling materials for our customers. We also use our downstream refined products or commercial grade metals to develop and manufacture advanced materials utilizing our unique and proprietary process technologies.

As an upcycler of by-products from other industries, we help reduce waste by promoting reuse, while broadening our source market, thereby strengthening our diversified supply chain and reducing costs.