Ultrafine powders enabling technologies
Ultrafine powders enabling technologies

High Performance Engineered Powders
for Micro-Electronic Applications

Featured Applications

Surface Mount Technology

  • Wide range of alloy compositions available with melting points starting as low as 61˚C
  • Type 5 and Type 6 highly recommended for fine pitch printing
  • Excellent flow properties for dispensing and jetting applications

Semiconductor Packaging

  • Fine and ultra fine powders, Type 6 to Type 8
  • High performing Low Alpha count powders
  • Customized alloy compositions and particle size distributions available to meet the most demanding requirements

Mini and Micro LED Assemblies

  • Type 6 to Type 8 for Mini LED assemblies
  • Type 8 to Type 10 for Micro LED assemblies
  • Ideal for self-aligning solder pastes (SAP)
  • Ideal for Anisotropic Conductive Films (ACF) and Pastes (ACP)

Featured Products

Indium and In-Sn Powders

  • High purity, low oxygen content
  • Exhibits high flow properties
  • Additive to conductive pastes to enhance reliability
  • Ideal for adhesives

Type 9 and Type 10 Ultra Fine Powders

  • Finest particle size distribution in the industry
  • Type 9 with D50 = 3.5 um
  • Type 10 with D50 = 2.0 um
  • Ideal for Micro LED assembly solutions

Low Alpha Powders

  • Lead-free spherical particles, Type 5 to Type 8
  • Avoid “soft” errors in high reliability applications
  • Broad range of alloys, including SnAgCu, SnAg, SnCu, SnBi, SnBiAg
  • ULA: < 0.002 c/h/cm2, SULA : < 0.001 c/h/cm2

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Product Development and Customer Support

5N Plus has wide access to state-of-the-art instruments dedicated
to microstructure and surface characterisation of powders.

A flexible production process lends itself well to supporting customer development programs, with opportunities for customised particle size
distributions and alloy compositions produced with purity of 99.99% and


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