The 5N Plus Board of Directors, supported by its committees and officers, believe that strict standards of ethics are indispensable to success for the company and add value for its shareholders. 5N Plus encourages all directors, officers and employees to conduct themselves in accordance with the company’s values, which are based on open communication, honesty and accountability.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics was adopted on April 7, 2009 by the Board of Directors.
Code of Ethics

Audit and Risk Management Committee

The Audit and Risk Management Committee is appointed by the 5N Plus Board of Directors to assist it in carrying out its responsibility of exercising oversight over financial control measures and the presentation of financial information about 5N Plus. The Audit and Risk Management Committee members are Jean-Marie Bourassa (Chair), James T. Fahey and Nathalie Le Prohon, all of whom are independent and have financial proficiency as defined by applicable securities legislation in Canada.
Terms of Reference of the Audit Committee

Governance and Compensation Committee

Compensation for 5N Plus senior officers is set by the Board of Directors on the basis of recommendations made by the Governance and Compensation Committee. The Governance and Compensation Committee members are Nathalie Le Prohon (Chair), James T. Fahey and Jennie S. Hwang, all of whom are independent as defined by applicable securities legislation in Canada.


Whistleblower Policy

The Company is committed to applying the highest possible standards of professional ethics, morality and conduct. To this end and in order to ensure transparent communication, the Whistleblower Policy is a tool made available to employees in order to allow them to express their concerns with the assurance that they will be protected against reprisals or victimization following whistleblowing that is carried out in good faith.
Whistleblower Form Whistleblower Policy

Disclosure Policy

Information is one of the Company’s most valuable assets, 5N Plus has in place a clear framework and a range of measures for protecting information and limiting its disclosure.
Policy on Information Disclosure
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