Privacy Policy

As a leading global producer of specialty semiconductors and performance materials, 5N Plus is an organization dealing with businesses rather than individuals. In that context, it only collects the contact information and queries that representatives of its business customers and suppliers provide to it. These business customer and supplier representatives are located worldwide including in Canada, Europe, the Americas and Asia. This means the personal data of all business representatives is protected in compliance with the applicable local privacy laws.

  • Collection and use of personal information by 5N Plus is limited to what is necessary for the purpose of providing the services that its customers have requested.
  • No personal data is collected or used beyond what business representatives of 5N Plus customers and suppliers have directly provided.
  • The personal data is not retained for longer than necessary. For example, after the termination of a contract and the expiry of the legal mandatory retention periods, 5N Plus deletes the personal data.
  • 5N Plus stores personal data locally for each of its specific locations with technological support, which includes Canada and Germany, as well as in Ireland for EU users, in the U.S. for North American users and in Singapore for Asian users. In addition, 5N Plus uses Amazon Web Service for its Content Delivery Network.
  • All 5N Plus suppliers, which includes Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Samanage, Sophos Cloud Protection and Amazon Web Service, all contribute to data security on 5N Plus systems. They are all chosen by 5N Plus after the exercise of due diligence for reliability in data protection. You may access their privacy policies by clicking on their respective links.
  • Individuals can access their personal data at 5N Plus, or have it corrected or deleted, by contacting Requests will be addressed within 30 days.
  • Should an individual have concerns about protection of personal data at 5N Plus, remedies exist with the local data protection authority and with the Commission d’accès à l’information du Québec, where 5N Plus is headquartered.
  • To find out more, contact 5N Plus at
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