Terrestrial Renewable Energy

As the largest supplier to the renewable energy sector, our specialty semiconductor products are critical in moving towards a sustainable future and key to energy transition activities. With gigawatts of solar panels incorporating our materials installed in utility-scale projects, our products convert the sun’s power into renewable energy to provide electricity for consumers worldwide. In addition, our enabling materials are used in next generation energy storage infrastructure.

Our engineered semiconductor compounds are used to make the thin-film photovoltaic (PV) modules on solar panels enabling the conversion of solar energy into electricity.

We manufacture and customize high purity, electrically uniform wafers to meet various terrestrial solar applications.

Space Solar Power

Our high-purity germanium wafers and epitaxial semiconductor substrates are used to produce ultra-high efficiency photovoltaic (PV) solar cells for satellite power generation and concentrated PV systems. Our enabling materials are frequently in orbit powering commercial and defense satellites, as well as various space vehicles.

We manufacture and customize high purity, electrically uniform wafers to meet various terrestrial solar applications.

With fully customizable solutions to meet individual requirements, our space solar cells offer high efficiencies and include the latest triple, quadruple and quintuple junction technology.

With two types available, our bypass diodes offer highly reliable and well-proven protection of individual cells and are monolithically integrated in the solar cell structure. Both diodes are space-qualified and applicable for LEO, MEO and GEO missions.

Imaging and Sensing

Our materials are used to manufacture radiation detector chips in medical, infrared and earth imaging applications in the medical, security and defense industries, helping to reduce patient exposure to x-rays and keep nations safe.


Made of cadmium, tellurium and zinc of the very highest purity, our sensing and imaging compounds can convert radiation into an electrical signal or be used in optoelectronic applications.


We manufacture class leading high purity Indium Antimonide wafers that provide superior resistivity, uniformity and lowest defects through a unique, unmatched crystal growth method. Fully customizable, our Indium Antimonide wafers are used in advanced thermal imaging solutions, focal planar arrays and high-precision magnetic and rotary resistivity sensors.

Health and Pharma

Non-toxic to human health or the environment, we produce bismuth chemicals that are essential to the creation of everyday human care products.

Our bismuth products are used as active pharmaceutical ingredients in over-the-counter antacids and antibiotic creams as well as in cosmetics product applications.

Technical Materials

Whether a substitute of toxic heavy metals in various applications or specialty alloys and chemicals with the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, our technical materials are customizable and critical to a broad range of industries from aviation to optics.

Low Melting Point Alloys

We are a global market leader for low melting point alloys or “fusible” alloys made of bismuth, lead, tin, cadmium and indium. Our alloys are used in aviation for work-holding applications where dimensional stability and low temperature are essential. Our low melting point alloy range (between 11 °C and 300 °C) allows us to customize products to meet any production requirements.

Tellurium Dioxide

Tellurium dioxide is a white, crystalline solid with a melting point of 1,130°C and a boiling point of 1,850°C, with applications including rubber vulcanizing accelerators, acousto-optic devices, specialized optical glasses and additives to silver pastes.

We product various bismuth chemicals which are used as a replacement for lead in other industrial applications, like coatings and pigments, and is in electronics, optics and glass.