Enabling sustainable recycling
Enabling sustainable recycling


As part of its strategy for consolidating its chain of supply, 5N Plus has acquired facilities for extracting metals of interest from various concentrates produced by the primary metals industry. The range of technology developed for this purpose has quickly allowed 5N Plus to use as raw materials numerous production residues produced by our clients and containing concentrations of our products.

As a result, 5N Plus has developed unique expertise that enables us to offer recycling solutions to customers and to transform an environmental liability into a significant source of supply.

At 5N Plus, we believe in taking responsibility for our products throughout their entire life cycle. Customers who share this belief will find 5N Plus to be a reliable partner, as both a supplier and recycler. This approach is consistent with 5N Plus’ environmental vision, which promotes sustainable resource development and responsible product management.

5N Plus has recycling plants in three continents:

  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Laos


Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you transform a potential liability into a supply or revenue stream.  

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5N Plus believes that the corporation’s sustainability is closely linked to its corporate values, which are an integral part of daily operations and form the backbone of the Company’s culture.

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