5N Plus actively promotes initiatives for managing resources responsibly, recycling, and reducing our energy consumption. This is why we’ve developed recycling solutions for metal that would otherwise be disposed of. In addition to responding to environmental concerns, our ability to process materials with low metal content, and to convert them into high purity products, enhances the security of our supply of raw materials.

We also strive to remain the Environmental Leader within our industry by minimizing the impact of our operations and products on the environment. To achieve this goal, we have set a number of standards to which each facility must adhere. These standards are built around four pillars to ensure that we LEAD the industry in EH&S practices and performance:

  • Legal compliance
  • Environmental Protection
  • Accident, Injury and Illness Prevention
  • Development and Improvement 


5N Plus has developed unique expertise that enables us to offer recycling solutions to customers and to transform an environmental liability into a significant source of supply.
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